Merchav In English – Tzvi Jungreis

A Trip to the Grand Canyon

by Tzvi Jungreis

          The Smith* Family traveled from Dallas to San Diego to visit their cousins for the winter vacation. Mom wanted them to drive far out of their way to look at the Grand Canyon. She had gone there one summer when she was a kid and really wanted her children to see it too. They stopped for lunch and then they left the highway driving toward the Grand Canyon. There were many hills on the way. It started raining, and 15 minutes later they remembered that they had forgotten to buy gas at the lunch place. The next gas station was 60 miles away, so they pulled over to turn around for gas. Another family van just like theirs passed them heading toward the Grand Canyon. They filled the van with gas and started again.

          The rain turned into snow. Mom was getting so nervous that her hands cramped on the steering wheel. There is not much snow in Dallas and there are no hills. Mom was not good at driving on snowy hills. Emergency vehicles passed with flashing lights. Over the next hill they saw that the van that had passed earlier had slid down the hill and crashed. Mom was even more nervous after seeing that, but she wanted the kids to see the Grand Canyon so she kept driving.

          They finally arrived, the snow stopped, and then they found a parking space. The Smiths bundled up into warm hats and coats. They lined up at the rail on the observation platform. The Grand Canyon was filled with clouds! They could only see one meter of ground in front of them, and beyond that was a white wall  that went as far as they could see. When Mom was a kid, she had taken her trip in the summer, but this is what the Grand Canyon looked like in winter!

* name has been changed for privacy

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