Merchav In English – Tzvi Jungreis

Interview With a New Immigrant

by Tzvi Jungreis

New Immigrant: What's your name again?

Tzvi:  Tzvi

N.I.:  What school do you go to?

Tzvi:  Merchav.

N.I.:  I never heard of it.  What school is that?

Tzvi:  It's a democratic school.

N.I.:  Our school is a dictatorship.  The teachers tell us what to do. Are you           able to elect your teachers?

Tzvi:  No, but we are able to vote about things.

N.I.:  What things are you able to vote about?

Tzvi:  Almost anything.  For example, if someone wanted it to be allowed to           listen to music during school, then we would talk about it in the weekly           parliament.  People would say why they liked the idea or not,          and then everyone would raise their hands for or against it, and   whichever got the most votes wins.

N.I.:  And if the teachers don't like it?

Tzvi:  They can vote, too.

Check back next month for Tzvi's answer to…

N.I.:  What other things can kids do at Merchav?

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